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Ligier JS50 La Berline sportive - voiture sans permis

LIGIER JS50 The sport saloon

Freedom to move
VSP Microcar M.GO

MICROCAR M.GO The practical SUV

Freedom to move
Pulse 4 Ligier Professional

LIGIER PROFESSIONAL PULSE 4 Electric utility vehicle

Professional electric vehicles

Freedom, equality and mobility

French car manufacturer recognized for its know-how for more than 40 years, LIGIER GROUP is now the leader in the European market for light quadricycles. Under the aegis of the Ligier, Microcar and Ligier Professional brands, the group offers the general public and transport professionals, moped cars or electric utilities.
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Marques Ligier Group

Choose your universe

You are looking for moped cars or electrics utilities vehicles ? Choose your universe among our Ligier, Microcar and Ligier Professional brands!

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From racing to the quadricycles

In the 1960s, Guy Ligier, a top athlete, French motorcycle champion and Formula 1 driver, began producing his own racing car. A human and technological adventure that will lead him, with his team, to build more than twenty Formula 1 single-seaters. From competition cars to tractor cabs, Guy Ligier diversifies his activity in the 1980s by producing his first moped car: the Ligier JS4.

These 40 years of sporting and technological experience have made the Ligier Group an innovative car manufacturer where mobility is at the heart of concerns.

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