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Everything you need to know about new moped cars

With bases in France and Europe, Ligier Group is the moped car specialist. If you’re looking for models of city cars, SUVs or utility vehicles,  you’ve come to the right place! Combining safety and innovation, our models have been recognised for their handling and their dynamic behaviour, exceeding standards. Thanks to our engineers’ historic expertise, our electric utility and moped cars offer unprecedented suspension and steering. We also know how important it is to see and be seen, and that’s why we’ve opted for LED daytime running lights that come on automatically. What’s more, still with enhanced vision in mind, we have developed a dual windscreen wiper, which can wipe up to 85% of your windscreen. A Ligier exclusive feature, unmatched on the market. Read up on all the reasons why you should get a light quadricycle here.

Moped car : the independent choice for teens

Choosing a moped car means opting for a degree of independence, especially when you’re a teenager. Designed for anyone aged 14 and over with an AM licence (new name of the BSR road safety certificate since 2013), this type of vehicle is your perfect ally for day-to-day trips – not least thanks to its heightened safety. No need to ask mum or dad for a lift to sport or to see friends any more: in their moped car, youngsters can get about independently while acquainting themselves with the French Highway Traffic Act. Not only that, but thanks to its closed passenger compartment, unlike a scooter, it provides extra security – and can be used come rain or shine!

The AM licence car: an alternative for everyone


The Ligier and Microcar models can be fitted with power steering, guaranteeing fail-safe handling and simplified manoeuvres. This makes it easy to get to grips with your first motorised vehicle, for urban journeys or for anyone without a driver’s licence. Thanks to their compact size which makes parking a breeze, travel about town has never been more straightforward. If you’d like to find out even more about the benefits – especially for youngsters aged 14 and over – keep reading!

News on AM licence cars

It’s not always easy to grasp just how beneficial a moped car can be for a 14-year-old. The same applies when you’re thinking about buying a moped car for getting around. We have written a series of articles on the subject, delving into the innovations we are working on personally, as well as automotive sector-wide innovations. Safety is often a decisive criterion in the choice of a moped car, especially for parents of teenagers. That’s why we set particular store by innovation – which is something we are constantly working on, both in technical and design terms. And as we know you’re interested in all this too, we have made a variety of articles available for you to find out about our equipment, our specific features and our options.

Tout savoir sur les voitures sans permis - Ligier - Microcar