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Everything you need to know about light utility vehicles

Utility vehicle requiring an AM licence or standard driver’s licence: transport made easy for professionals

Designed to adapt seamlessly to your business’s needs, our utility vehicles range from an electric scooter to the long-format utility vehicle. All of them are modular and can be adjusted to meet your everyday needs to a tee.

Get about town easily...

AM licence utility vehicles are a godsend for companies working in the freight transport or parcel delivery sector. For this type of vehicle has the big advantage of being small, making driving and journeys around town easier. Truly designed to be easy to handle, they provide an effective solution for last mile delivery. What’s more, because these vehicles are electric, they help reduce urban pressure associated with the ecological transition.

... Even when transporting heavy loads

Despite that, they are just as capable of carrying heavy loads as larger cars. Whether in short- or long-format, requiring an AM or standard driver’s licence (which would change its load capacity), these vehicles fit effortlessly into the scheme of new urban transport solutions. Adjustable in line with your needs, their payload capacity can be as high as 600 kg, or 200 kg in an AM licence version. Some of our models are electric, helping you to save on energy costs compared with a thermic engine.

Your utility van for business purposes

So how does that sound? Opt for a vehicle from the Ligier Professional network and you can be sure to find a local dealer near you. In that way, you’ll be guaranteed a Ligier Professional certified vehicle. You’ll be able to chat to experts who know all about the logistical and technical aspects of professional activities.

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