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PREAMBLE The LIGIER GROUP company sells vehicles under the Ligier, Microcar and Ligier Professional brands, together with a number of associated products and services. LIGIER GROUP has published a website called ligier.fr to present the Dué, M.Go, JS50, JS60, Pulse 3 and Pulse 4 models. Access to and use of the website www.ligier.fr (hereinafter, ‘the … Continued


The LIGIER GROUP company sells vehicles under the Ligier, Microcar and Ligier Professional brands, together with a number of associated products and services. LIGIER GROUP has published a website called ligier.fr to present the Dué, M.Go, JS50, JS60, Pulse 3 and Pulse 4 models.

Access to and use of the website www.ligier.fr (hereinafter, ‘the Site’) are subject to these terms and conditions of use and to the applicable laws and/or regulations. Access to the Site consequently implies full and unreserved acceptance by the internet user of these terms and conditions of use. LIGIER GROUP reserves the right to modify and/or update these terms and conditions of use and the information that appears on the Site without prior notice. All these modifications are binding on the internet user each time they access the Site.



Provisions of a legal and regulatory nature referred to on the Site apply exclusively to France. The information is provided for information purposes only, and cannot be construed as a contractual offer from LIGIER GROUP, its subsidiaries, importers or members of its commercial network. Errors and omissions may arise. After the Site’s pages are published, modifications may be made by the manufacturer as to the structure, form, colour, products and services provided, including during the delivery period, provided this does not result in an increase in price or change in quality for the customer. Drawn, photographed or filmed models may have finishes, names, services, fittings, accessories or other components that differ depending on the country where they are offered for sale, and may sometimes be unavailable or only available at additional cost. LIGIER GROUP is not contractually bound by the information contained on this Site.

With regard to the colours of vehicles that do not require a driving licence, there may be differences between their virtual and actual appearances. Subject to other provisions set out in the standard terms and conditions of sale, the prices applied are those valid on the order date. The prices indicated on the Site are therefore provided for indicative purposes. The turnkey price is a maximum recommended price and includes transport costs, packaging and delivery costs, and the supply and fitting of standard registration plates. Registration costs are payable by the customer.

For the latest prices, please contact an approved Ligier, Microcar or Ligier Professional sales outlet.



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This website is hosted by:
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Whatever the mode of collection, Ligier Group undertakes to inform users of the Site, in advance, of the purposes of the data processing, the mandatory or optional nature of responses to be provided, any consequences of failing to respond, the recipients of the data, the existence of and arrangements for exercising rights of access, rectification, portability and erasure of data concerning the Site’s Users, or the right to opt out of or limit data processing for legitimate reasons.

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– and/or by trademark legislation: these include the Brands ‘LIGIER’, ‘MICROCAR’ and ‘LIGIER PROFESSONAL’ and the models ‘Dué’, ‘M. Go’, ’JS50’, ’JS60’, ’Pulse 3’ and ’Pulse 4’.

that these elements are the property of LIGIER GROUP or of third parties that have authorised LIGIER GROUP or its subsidiaries to operate them. To this end, any reproduction, representation, usage, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, sale, whether in whole or in part, by any method and in any format (paper, electronic, etc.) is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of LIGIER GROUP, save for the exceptions referred to in Article L122.5 of the French intellectual property code. Any breach will constitute an infringement of copyright and/or designs and models and/or trademark.

The titles ‘LIGIER GROUP’, ‘LIGIER’, ‘MICROCAR’, ‘LIGIER PROFESSIONAL’, ‘LIGIER STORE’, ‘LIGIER OCCASIONS’, the logos ‘LIGIER GROUP’, ‘LIGIER’, ‘MICROCAR’, ‘LIGIER PROFESSIONAL’, ‘LIGIER STORE’, ‘LIGIER OCCASIONS’, and the names, logos and slogans of vehicles from the respective ranges are, unless specifically stated, registered trademarks of LIGIER GROUP.

Any reproduction, usage and/or modification made without the prior written consent of LIGIER GROUP is liable to constitute an infringement.

The models of vehicles, designs, photographs, images, texts, animated sequences, with or without sound, and other documents represented on this website are subject to industrial and/or intellectual property rights and, where applicable, are the property of LIGIER GROUP, or of third parties who have been given limited permission to use them.

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Making copies of these different rights objects for private use is permitted. Their reproduction in whole or in part without the prior written consent of LIGIER GROUP is strictly prohibited, with the exception of reproduction for press purposes. As a result, visiting this Site may not give rise to any licence rights in your favour.


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For example, the user undertakes to only provide reliable information and data that is not likely to affect the Site’s functioning, or that of any service accessible through the Site. Usage of the Site or of any service accessible through the Site must comply with all applicable national and international regulations, and with the rights of third parties, and must not cause harm to the manufacturer in any way.


In addition, users use the Site under their sole liability. LIGIER GROUP, its subsidiaries and members of its commercial network cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damage such as pecuniary damage, data or program losses or financial losses resulting from access to or use of the Site and its content (texts, images, photos, videos, sounds, etc.), or of its affiliated Sites, or Sites to which it refers.

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The Site’s content is not covered by any guarantee of any kind, whether express or implied, other than those resulting from legal provisions.
Access to the services presented on the Site may be subject to restrictions. You must ensure that the laws of the country from which you are logging in authorises you to access this Site.


LIGIER GROUP reserves the right to modify or update these Standard Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. Such modifications and updates are binding on the user, who must therefore regularly refer to this section to review the prevailing terms and conditions.


The Site and these terms and conditions are subject to French domestic law. The language of the terms and conditions is French. The courts and tribunals of France shall have sole jurisdiction in the event of any dispute.



The information and illustrations shown on the Site are based on the current technical characteristics at the time of the Site’s pages going online or being updated.
The fittings shown may be standard or optional, depending on their version.

In accordance with a policy of continuous improvement of our products, we may amend fittings, options, colours or technical characteristics at any time. In addition, current techniques do not accurately reproduce the colours available on our vehicles. The models and/or versions presented on this Site, and their fittings, options and accessories are those distributed in Metropolitan France. They may vary from country to country, or may not be available in all European countries.

The information contained on this Site is for information purposes only, and has no contractual value.

In addition, all prices indicated are the recommended maximum selling prices in Metropolitan France and are not binding on the brand or its network. A vehicle can only be sold or reserved through the signature of a purchase order or reservation with your distributor.


All financing offers made on the Site are subject to acceptance of the application by: Santander Consumer Banque, SA, limited company with an executive board and supervisory board, and a capital of €483,400,000 – registered office: 26 quai Charles Pasqua 92300 Levallois- Perret – 803 732 130 RCS Nanterre. Credit institution authorised by the ACPR (prudential supervision and resolution authority) in bank category No. 16788 – Insurance broker registered with ORIAS (French insurance brokers’ register) under number 15006193 – Santander. Consumer Banque is a subsidiary of the Santander group.

Advertising circulated by Ligier Group, B712000272 Cusset RCS – 105 route d’Hauterive 03200 ABREST – ORIAS No.: 16003018 (www.orias.fr), as non-exclusive credit intermediary. This intermediary assists in the fulfilment of credit operations without acting as lender.

Offers and schedules may be subject to conditions and in all cases dependent on the application’s approval by SANTANDER CONSUMER BANQUE. The information shown on the Site is not contractually binding, and your registration on the Site does not constitute a financing offer. SANTANDER CONSUMER BANQUE can only approve your application upon your acceptance (via signature) of a financing agreement, and supply to the member of the LIGIER GROUP network with whom you are in contact of the requested supporting documents concerning your identity and your financial situation.



With the new vehicle configurator, the user may choose a vehicle in order to view its detailed product information, comprising:

A visual of the selected model. This visual is purely indicative and does not necessarily correspond to the exact version of the vehicle selected.

The vehicle’s technical characteristics and any optional fittings it may be equipped with. Given the continuous evolution of our ranges and the complexity of the computer systems, we make every effort to guarantee the accuracy of the information presented. However, some information may not be accurate, so please contact your Distributor to confirm the information presented.

The maximum price recommended by the manufacturer and any discount on this price agreed by the point of sale.