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Our history

Back in the 1960s French motor sports legend Guy Ligier – French Moto GP champion and Formula 1 driver – began producing his own signature sports car, designed for both track and road. This was to be the start of an epic personal and technological adventure, with the Ligier team creating over 20 Formula 1 cars.

In the 1980s, with vehicles ranging from prestige models to competition cars, Guy Ligier diversified his range with the addition of tractor cabs, going on to transform them into moped cars with the first LIGIER JS 4.

Made in France

A flagship of French industry

Ligier Group produces all of its products in France.

Birth of Ligier Group

Ligier Group was born out of the union, in 2008, of two major players in the European light and heavy quadricycle market: Ligier Automobiles and Microcar. Drawing on LIGIER’s top-level sports experience and Microcar’s 30 years of technological expertise, the group strives daily to respond to specific, ever-changing and innovative demands.

Over 40 years of expertise

These 40 years of experience are behind the Group’s continuing success in developing new models and innovating for increased efficient mobility.

Frise historique Ligier Group
Historique Ligier F1


Creation of Automobiles Ligier by Guy Ligier

Ligier Automobiles historique
Ecurie Formule 1 Ligier


Founding of Ligier Formula 1 stable

Ligier Automobiles F1
Première voiture sans permis


Manufacture of first moped cars

Ligier Automobiles F1
Création VSP Microcar


Creation of Microcar by the sailboat manufacturer Jeanneau Plaisance

Voitures sans permis Microcar
Ceinture de sécurité VSP


Microcar is the first manufacturer of moped cars to install a safety belt

Voitures sans permis Microcar
Châssis VSP Microcar


Microcar develops new technologies for its vehicles: aluminium chassis and ABS bodywork

VSP Microcar moderne
Ceinture de sécurité VSP


Implementation of the Microcar Protection System

VSP Microcar moderne
Usine Ligier Vichy


Ligier production site at Vichy extended to 10 000 m2

Ligier voitures sans permis
Rapprochement VSP Ligier et Microcar


Merger of Ligier and Microcar

VSP Ligier Microcar
Chaîne de production VSP


Creation of a new robot-controlled production line.

Introduction of airbags and LED headlights across the range

VSP Ligier Microcar
Marque Ligier Professional Pulse 4


Creation of the Ligier Professional brand with the Pulse 3 and the Pulse 4

Utilitaires électriques Ligier Professional
Rapprochement VSP Ligier et Microcar


Creation of the Ligier Group entity

Ligier Group constructeur automobile

JS, a tribute from Guy Ligier to Jo Schlesser

Today, Ligier is celebrating its 50th model, with the JS 50, and continues to pay tribute to the driver and great friend of Guy Ligier, Jo Schlesser, with the use of his initials “JS” before each serial number.

Logo JS