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Voiture sans permis - Ligier

LIGIER JS60 The SUV Chic & Sport

Ligier JS60 Sport Ultimate


Resolutely chic, the aluminium alloy wheels of the JS60 offer outstanding smooth road handling. Its elegant interior, with haute-couture inspired seats, offers unequalled comfort. Choose a chic finish for your AM licence vehicle!

From 226€/month or 15 699€

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SUV sans permis Ligier JS60


The SUV Chic
  • Full LED rear light
  • 15" Black Devil two-town wheels
  • Unique map pocket
From 15 699€ I configure
Ligier JS60 Sport Ultimate

Sport Ultimate

The SUV Sport
  • SPORT upholstery
  • EXTREME matte black 16'' wheels
  • Pioneer 6.0 HIFI pack
From 15 999€ I configure
Voiture sans permis - Ligier Sport Ultimate

Be the centre of attraction

You want to treat yourself with options and finishes? This AM licence SUV features a stylish finish with equipment selected to suit the taste of even the most demanding drivers. Choose from Pearl White, Intense Black, Asphalte Grey, Blue Reef, Graphite Grey or Toledo Red to reflect your personality.

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Phares VSP Ligier Sport

Premium finishes

At last an AM licence SUV with resolutely chic finishes! Its full LED front and rear lights attract attention and its 15″ aluminium alloy BLACK DEVIL Gloss Black and Metal grey sparking wheels add a delicate touch. A gem inspired from the Porsche design with its black contour under glace and its sculpture, the stop light comes on with a light signature.

Combine pleasure and style

Since style must not be at the expense of comfort, the JS60 combines haute-couture saddlery and a Graphite Grey interior harmony guaranteeing seating comfort for driver and passenger alike. Designed for city use as well as trips in the country, you will be seduced by its elegant look and spacious interior.

Jantes voiture sans permis - Ligier

Seduce and be seduced

With its stylish black leather look saddlery, bracelet-like design, perforated leather and white overstitching, the JS60 is definitely a premium model. The refined texture of the seats and steering wheel provides optimum driving comfort. To see and be seen, the daytime running lights automatically come on whenever the headlights are not in use. Whoever you take for a drive out in your unique JS60 will surely be seduced!

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At Ligier, the safety of our AM licence cars is our number one priority!

Sécurité VSP - Ligier
1 Door reinforcements

All Ligier door frames are equipped with an oversized longitudinal aluminium beam, reinforcing the passenger compartment.

2 Front and rear disc brakes

Your Ligier is the only light quadricycle equipped with front and rear disc brakes for enhanced efficiency and bite.

3 Certified handling performance

Ligier AM licence vehicles have been recognised for their handling and dynamic responsiveness, exceeding standards thanks to Ligier's historic expertise in suspension and steering.

4 Power steering

An exclusive Ligier technology that allows more vehicle control. Driving behaviour becomes more dynamic and unwanted jumping due to an uneven road is compensated.

5 Dual windscreen wipers

Two windscreen wipers are always more efficient than one. This exclusive Ligier feature guarantees the best wiping capacity on the market: 85 % of your windscreen, well above regulatory standards!

6 Led daytime running lights

For optimal visibility during the day, the daytime running lights automatically come on whenever the headlights are not in use. LED technology ensures exceptional illumination and low energy consumption.

Ligier JS60 Sport Ultimate VSP Ligier Sport Ultimate Ligier JS60 Sport Voiture sans permis - Ligier Conduire dès 14 ans - Ligier

Customise your JS60

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Heated seat

Nouveauté siège chauffant Microcar

Heated seat

Moteur DCI VSP

DCI engine

Carplay Voiture sans permis Ligier

Carplay Android Auto

Climatisation voiture sans permis Ligier

Air conditionning


More powerful, more efficient and less polluting than ever before, the Ligier DCI and Progress engines are your guarantee of high technology and driving comfort.

Crit'Air VSP Ligier

Our engines are eligible for the French air quality certificate.

DCI Engine

more technology
  • Best engine torque
  • Engine flexibility
  • Power 6 kW
Puissance moteur DCI VSP Moteur VSP econome

Progress engine

Smart and Accessible
  • Engine torque
  • Economical
  • Power 6 kW
Moteur progress VSP Moteur VSP économique