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Scooter électrique Pulse 3 Ligier Professional

PULSE 3 The electric scooter

Scooter électrique La Poste

Pulse 3

Flexible, safe, easy to drive and manoeuvre, the Pulse 3 is an electric scooter fitted with Ligier Professional’s exclusive tilt system. Fully customisable, this utility vehicle will adapt to the requirements of transport professionals.

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Pulse 3 technical characteristics

Scooter électrique Ligier

Pulse 3, Ligier electric scooter

Dimensions and load rating
  • Length: 2,324 mm
  • Width: 888 mm
  • Load: 60+ kg
Confort scooter Ligier

Pulse 3, Ligier electric scooter

  • Rear footboard
  • Loading threshold at hip level
  • Adjustable seat height
Scooter électrique 3 roues Ligier

3-wheel scooter

The compact Pulse 3 three-wheel electric scooter is ideal for moving around in urban areas. Fully electric, stable and customisable, it meets all the requirements of professionals delivering letters, parcels and goods.

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Système pendulaire Pulse 3 Ligier

Patented tilt system

Ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre, this electric scooter for professionals is equipped with an exclusive tilt system. This Ligier Professional patented system allows the driver’s controls to tilt by up to 30°, ensuring maximum stability while driving and while stationary.

Chargement Pulse 3 Ligier

Load capacity

The rear fixed section of the Pulse 3 can carry loads of up to 45 kg while the front section offers a load capacity of 20 kg. Sufficient to transport all your parcels, letters and other loads in complete safety!


Stock avant Pulse 3 Ligier Professional

Front storage bag

Stock arrière Pulse 3 Ligier Professional

Rear storage bag

Systeme pendulaire Pulse 3 Ligier Professional

Pendulum System