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Pulse 4 utilitaire électrique Ligier professional

PULSE 4 The electric utility vehicle

Véhicule utilitaire électrique professionnel


The Ligier Professional Pulse 4 100 % electric and modular utility vehicle adapts to your activity thanks to the Clip System, an exclusive innovation! This small truck offers an effective solution to the logistical challenges of the “last mile”.

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Pulse 4 technical characteristics

Utilitaire électrique Ligier Professional

Pulse 4, Ligier electric utility vehicle

Dimensions and load rating
  • Length : 2600 mm
  • Width: 1,764 mm
  • Load: Over 600 kg
Confort utilitaire électrique sans permis

Pulse 4, Ligier electric utility vehicle

  • Glass doors
  • Tow bar kit
  • Reverse warning signal
Batteries utilitaire électrique

Pulse 4, Ligier electric utility vehicle

  • Length: 3,356 mm
  • Up to 150 km autonomy
  • Built-in charger
Coffre utilitaire électrique Ligier

Electric modular utility

Available in short or long version, the Pulse 4 is the essential utility vehicle for a professional fleet! Electric and adaptable, it represents a transport solution ideally suited to urban mobility and local circuits.

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Utilitaire électrique modulable

Exclusive Clip System!

In just 5 minutes, a single person can change the Pulse 4 accessory easily. Available in flat-back format or with a closed trunk, the electric utility vehicle offers unprecedented flexibility. Optimise your fleet thanks to the flexibility of the Pulse 4! A multitude of applications from a single vehicle, in flat-back or closed trunk version.

Intérieur utilitaire électrique Ligier

Fully customisable

Tipping platform, tarpaulin siding, pressure washer, waste collection hopper.. a range of configurations allowing you to use a single electric vehicle for a host of different applications.


Attelage VSP Microcar


Clip systemPulse 4 Ligier Professional

Clip System

Coffres Pulse 4 Ligier Professional

Side boot

Rampe signalisation Pulse 4 Ligier Professional

Signaling ramp