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Manufacturer's warranty

Only a car manufacturer which is confident of the quality of its products is able to propose a warranty on its moped cars and electric utility vehicles! A customer service which attests to the quality and reliability of our vehicles.

Made in France

The reliability of Made in France

Sit back and enjoy the ride: we’ll take care of the rest! Our Ligier and Microcar moped cars and our Ligier Professionnal electric utility vehicles are covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Ligier Group assists you every step of the way, providing you with maximum mobility and an impeccable road experience.

Garantie constructeur VSP Ligier Microcar

Manufacturer's warranty conditions

Your moped car must be serviced to benefit from the warranty! A well-maintained vehicle will live better and longer. As usual, some consumables are excluded from the warranty: tyres, key batteries, fuses, fan belt, brake discs, sparking plugs, etc.


Obviously, you are covered by the the manufacturer’s warranty in case of technical problem on your AM licence or electric vehicle not related to servicing. Our teams are at your disposal to study your specific case.

LIGIER PRO garantie constructeur

Professional electric utility vehicles: what are the warranties?

Your Ligier Professional three- or four-wheel electric utility vehicle benefits from the same warranty conditions. Your Pulse 3 or Pulse 4 is covered by the Ligier Group 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition, to keep you on the road, the lithium batteries of your electric utility vehicle can benefit from a warranty of up to 5 years.

A strong commitment which testifies to the quality of our Ligier, Microcar and Ligier Professional vehicles.